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Tired of Atheist stupidity and shallowness? Us too.

My name is Dean Esmay, and I am a secular social critic. I am also a former Atheist, and what I call a “Little-o” orthodox Christian. Orthodox Christianity is very different from the Bible-only, “believe or burn” type of Christianity so often stereotyped in the media and that are so often the loudmouths of the Internet, flinging Bible verses at people and giving you their own opinions, telling people that they’ll burn if they don’t believe in Jesus, etc.

Orthodox type Christians are not like that and don’t behave that way. We don’t knock on your doors either. We don’t believe in treating people of different races badly. We don’t believe in mistreating people, or treating them as less valuable than anyone elseeven if they do things we think are bad for them, like sex outside of marriage and stuff like that. We don’t tell them how to live or think to judge them. We try to accept people for who they are, while telling them what we think is a Godly life. You aren’t required to believe us.

Orthodox type Christians include Eastern Orthodox, Assyrian/Non-Chalcedonian Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Coptics, and even Anglicans and others who still embrace historic orthodoxy.

I’ve started Escaping Atheism as a new project with some of my fellow little-o Orthodox Christians. Our goal isn’t to get you to believe or burn. Our goal isn’t even to get you to become a Christian, although obviously we’d be happy if you did. On the other hand, if you told us you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior right here and now, we would tell you that doesn’t mean anything, that the Demons in Hell know Jesus is Lord. You’ve got way more work to do than just saying the magic words and believing.



  • Teresa Bryan Peneguy

    Hello! I was a born again Protestant for many years, and then a Coptic Orthodox Christian for 18 years (and a priest’s wife) before I became an athiest. This development was not voluntary and was the result of many, many factors over my life as a Christian.

     I am fortunate in that I have many Christian friends (most of them different flavors of Orthodox) who know my story and have loved and supported me through several very difficult years.

    I loved how you contrasted Orthodoxy to Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism. You put it so well. And I still have great respect for Orthodoxy.

    You are obviously a well-educated and informed person. So I have to believe I was pretty stunned at what I read next. You certainly don’t need to like athiesm, but there are some actual facts (not opinions) that conflict with what you say.

    First, you write that athiesm has done no good and much harm to society. Officially, the percentage of athiests in the US is about 4%, and in some parts of the country they are afraid to come out publically, so I am surprised that we have so much negative influence.

    OTOH, Helen Keller, Alfred Noble, Dale Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Susan B. Anthony, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Nikola Tesla, Mark Twain, Robert Frost, DH Lawrence, Audrey Hepburn, and Irving Berlin are some of the athiests who I believe contributed greatly to society. You see no value at all in the things they have done?

    Then you write that athiesm doesn’t help science. Well, directly, no, it doesn’t. But failure to believe in the theory on which biology, physiology, astronomy, and all of modern medicine certainly does. You may not be an evolutionist, but the Orthodox I know personally are.

    Note Einstein, Hawking, Edison and Tesla are on the list above. Without them we literally would not have our modern society. Did their lack of belief in God deter them?

    Last, you refer to athiesm as a cult that poisons polite conversation and rational discourse. And I agree there is a loud, rude minority. But I have a feeling you have not spent much time with average athiests.

    A plethora of studies over the years as shown no difference in moral behavior between believers and non-believers. In fact, athiests have a lower divorce rate, lower rates of violent crime and domestic violence, higher levels of education, and higher earnings than Christians.

    These patterns also reveal themselves when you look at quality of life in the Nordic countries, which are very secular yet have a fraction of the crime we do. And it is unanimous among researchers that violent crime, domestic violence, rape, child abuse and deaths from war have dropped to historic lows over the past 50 years. Interestingly, the curve is the same as the one showing the drop in religion.

    Speaking anecdotally, I belong to 3 athiest organizations. There are jerks everywhere, but in general I have found members to be polite, caring, empathetic, trustworthy, intelligent and funny … If I dare say, much more pleasant than many Christians I have met.

    It’s hard for me to imagine you don’t know the facts above…or maybe you just believe they are lies. I’m sorry you find us so despicable. You probably know some of us….they just haven’t told you. You might be surprised.

  • Dean Esmay

    We’ve gone ahead and taken a screen shot of “Teresa Bryan Peneguy” here, who left this very obviously scripted identical response on our Patreon as well. Teresa, please be aware you and your fellow cultists are not welcome here. Do not attempt to post here again, we don’t put up with people proselytizing and trying to convert them here, especially cultists harassing those of us who left your Atheism cult.


    Now, for everyone else:

    The comment left here by the cultist Teresa is a remarkably informative example of Atheism propaganda here. Note first the need for the rest of us to accept her personal story of conversion to Atheism, one she would likely call “deconversion” because that’s what the cultists always call it. She almost certainly wants to tell us more about how she is a victim of religion, or, how by our calling bullshit on her lies (she lied repeatedly already), we’re being mean to her or persecuting her just for not sharing our reeligion.

    Peppered in the middle of her obviously scripted story, she lies repeatedly, about historical figures; all you have to do is look up some of those names to figure out she’s lying.

    She also says remarkably stupid and irrelevant things about science, repeats debunked rote talking points about other countries (especially the Scandinavian countries), and attempts to pawn of hateful Atheism cult pseudoscience and pseudohistory about the loss of Christianity causing other societies to become less violent–ALL OF IT is Atheism cult propaganda, pseudohistory, and pseudoscience.

    If you ever doubted Atheism is an organized, brainwashing, dishonest cult that actively recruits, actively spread hate propaganda against religions in general and Christianity in particular, that makes things up about science and history, and then play victim, here it is, your perfect example. We couldn’t get a better example of cultist spreading proseyltizing hate propaganda if we tried.

  • peter

    I have noticed this more and more on the internet over the past couple of years, that atheists are pretending to be ex Christians that have suddenly discovered science and therefore reason, and they have been liberated from belief in a higher power….and of course they want to share their wonderful freedom with others, and liberate them from the delusion they are under.
    it never fails to amaze me the passion and devotion they have to try to turn people away from something that they themselves don’t believe exists…lol

    • I have noticed this trend as well.

      As well as using some who never really said they believed or not believed. Hellen Keller and Thomas Jefferson as examples atheists use to claim historical figures as atheists. When in reality that question they both skirted around.

      The nordic crime rate has jumped up drastically. It is interesting to note rape, child abuse, etc. Many by economic migrants from the middle east. Has been increasing in the nordic areas. Its funny how those countries are feminist atheist.

      It is a reason I am cynical of anyone that professes the faith. When you are new to any congregation it is healthy for them to accept you, but at the same time not fully until you prove you are what you claim to be.

      There will always be decievers in our midst.

      The greatest deception of antitheists was to convince atheists they are one in the same.

  • Peebo1


    Hello! (^_^)

    Followed links and stuff after stumbling across the title while perusing the interwebz.

    Much cheers to all.