Atheism Cult’s Catalog of Anti-Theist Psychological Tactics (draft two)

Inspired from a classic MRA document, the Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming tactics,”  this is the first draft of a hopefully growing list of rote-response Talking Points used by Atheism cultists routinely to shift the subject away from the dogmatic, unproven, pseudoscience and/or pseudohistory peddled by the modern Atheism cult.

If Atheism is not a movement why do they have logos?

If Atheism is not a movement why do they have logos?

To be clear, these are things that routinely come out of Atheist mouths these days. I am open to input for any I have missed. The list may also benefit from categorization–this is a second draft for public scrutiny, the first, with little difference, is on my blog –DE

Scripted Robotic Atheist Comments – Draft Two:

You’re simpleminded and childish.

I don’t believe in your particular Sky fairy I understand Science!

You have an Imaginary Friend you call God or whatever.

You’re in denial about reality.

You’re just afraid to die.

You can’t accept that Science has defeated your Bronze Age superstition.

No matter what you say, Evolution is still right!

Learn Science! Didn’t anyone tell you about the Big Bang?

You don’t want to give up your cherished beliefs

You’re bitter because Atheism is now popular and your religion is dying.

All religion is dying science has triumphed over it and that makes you afraid.

You just want people’s minds to be controlled.

You’re afraid to think for yourself.

You’re exaggerating the hatefulness of Atheism.

You’re paranoid about Atheists and see Atheists everywhere.

I’m not even an Atheist! I’m just agnostic/apatheist/Christian who agrees with all Atheism cult Talking Points.

You just want your religion in charge of everything.

You just hate that anyone is having sex without your permission.

You hate gays and want to control/convert/brainwash/imprison/kill them.

You hate women and want to control them.

You hate all Atheists.

You’re delusional/crazy.

Real men don’t kneel to anyone or anything!

Independent minds worship nothing!

You just want to force women/men to get married and have children.

Your religion is scary: [insert random Futrellized Bible verse here]


Witch hunts


Religion creates war.

You’re one of those right-wing wackos.

You’re a closet commie.

You’re an extremist.

You sound like the KKK. The KKK was Christian and responsible for all the lynchings and racism.

Stop generalizing! Not All Atheists Are Like That!

That’s an anti-Atheist stereotype!

Why do you hate women?

You are insensitive to the plight of your religion’s victims!

You are mean-spirited.

You want to roll back civil rights of women!

You’re being rude and that makes me think I should avoid your religion.

Shouldn’t you be nice to people? Isn’t that what Jesus said?

You’re unstable.

You have issues.

You need therapy.


You just want money for your religious scam.

How can you be so rude to someone who was abused by religious authority figures?

You were never really an Atheist.

You just don’t understand True Atheism.

I just worship one less god than you!

You have no evidence!

NB: More suggestions are welcome! –DE


  • •It’s because of Christianity that atheists are the least trusted group in the world.
    • Christians just want to kiss Gods ass! You are afraid of Him !!

    • Escaping Atheism ن​

      *Atheists are generally perceived as untrustworthy by everyone, including other atheists. It’s a quite logical assumption, actually. If you genuinely believe that there’s no God, what’s to stop you from lieing or any manner of self serving behaviors other than your good mood? If you don’t believe that immoral behavior has consequences either in this life or the next, the rest of us are left depending on your level of empathy, which is easy to see varies wildly in people.

      But you don’t have to take my word for it. (Heh!) Here’s an article about a survey that came to the same conclusion.

      *A reasonably sane person would be at least a little afraid of God. Fear of God is considered a gift, just like a reasonable fear of getting hurt or caution around heights would be considered a gift. But that said, most Atheists have a cartoon version of Christian theology in their heads. Non-Protestant (and most Protestant) theology is much more complex than merely getting punished and rewarded. Indeed, perfect contrition is about simply being sorry about doing wrong, without fearing punishment.

      • I must apologize. I did NOT leave that comment ( it’s now erased ) to you as I am a Christian and NOT an atheist. I have a number of atheists angry with me because I’m a Christian and they do things like post comments as if they came from me but they didn’t.

        I enjoy your channel content and look forward to more vids from you!

      • Yes, you are right that there is NOTHING preventing the ones that don’t acknowledge God from doing what their heart desires! Whatever those desires may be. I think Crowley said ” do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law ” and there is no shortage of people adhering to THAT belief!

        • CodeStation

          “acknowledge God”

          Hmm… what exactly is it that is being acknowledged when you say “acknowledge God?”

  • De Ha

    “You’re just afraid to die.”

    Um… you’re supposed to be scared of death. All sentient beings are scared of death. The fear response is an evolutionary trait that keeps things alive longer by avoiding things that cause pain and/or death. Religion f*cks it up by telling people they’ll go to heaven when they die.

    “No matter what you say, Evolution is still right!”

    We never talk like that. People suffering from the mental disease that is “Faith” talk like that.

    “You’re bitter because Atheism is now popular and your religion is dying.”

    Reality is not a democracy. Why the hell would a minority use the “this many people can’t be wrong” logic?

    “I’m not even an Atheist! I’m just agnostic/apatheist/Christian who agrees with all Atheism cult Talking Points.”

    We absolutely never say that. Whoever you’re quoting, they specifically said they’re not! Are you just arbitrarily accusing people of lying? Dick move, dude.

    “You hate gays and want to control/convert/brainwash/imprison/kill them.”

    I would have said “F*ck you homophobe”


    That’s not an argument, that’s a thing that happened. Are you saying just mentioning real historical events are a fallacy somehow?

    “Witch hunts


    Religion creates war.”

    Ok, you are. In that case, no one is allowed to mention terrorism ever. It’s all in the past! 5 minutes ago is the past.

    “Stop generalizing! Not All Atheists Are Like That!”

    WHAT???!!! THAT is a fallacy to you???!!! Calling you out for generalising???!!! That’s it. No more self censorship. FUCK YOU!

    “I just worship one less god than you!”

    No, it’s “BELIEVE IN one less god than you”, not “worship”. Of course, that’s not an argument I us anyway. Tell me, are you absolutely 100% certain that Zeus, Thor, the Deist god and godlike aliens exist? If so, then you’re a stronger Atheist than me.

    • Escaping Atheism ن​

      You might wan to re-consider this habit of having conversations with yourself. It will make people question whether atheism is sane.

      • Dan Martin

        I know you’re not that stupid. He was clearly replying to the beginning of your ridiculous article.

        • Escaping Atheism ن​

          Be reasonable, be polite, and for Heaven sakes be interesting or you’re gone. (1st warning)

  • Quantum_Curmudgeon

    Dean, it’s John E. Get in touch- delete this comment 😉

  • CodeStation

    Sure, there are people who happen to be atheists who could easily be simulated by spouting the phrases you listed under the “Scripted Robotic Atheist.”

    It’s hilarious, a bit sad though, because it is true. There are atheists who could not string together a valid argument to support their position that there may or may not be a God. They arrived at the position out of sheer emotional discomfort with the notion.

    This is, however, also the case for many theists. So… what exactly was the point?

    And in what way is it relevant as to whether or not the lack of a belief in a God or Gods is bullshit? Further, how exactly can a lack of a belief be… bullshit?

  • Siam

    We, the Quran aloners, find atheists to be exactly like the Mohammedans (mainstream Muslims). But what concerns us the most is how, in the name of atheism, so many atheists accept the ideologies of Islamists and of course, behave exactly like them. We sometimes joke by turning their stuffs into fatwas. The end result seems to show that atheists are far scarier than those Islamists. Examples:

    1. It is haram to be born with down syndrome.- Mufti Al-Richardun Dawkins
    2. It is not permissible for western women to complain about being harassed by men. Mufti Al-Richardun Dawkins
    3. It is obligatory to ridicule the religious people. Mufti Al-Richardun Dawkins
    4. It is makruh that drunk women report rapes as they are the ones who did the shirk of drinking. – Mufti Al-Samaudin Harris
    5. It is obligatory for non atheist worship houses to pay jizzya. – General consensus of the atheist ulema

  • Dennis Augello

    Such bullshit!

    • Escaping Atheism ن​

      Sadly, this is one of the more erudite comments on this page lately.