• Ryan Welp

    This is the arrogance of mankind. If you count the Atheists that have killed, it is higher, but deaths in the name of religion are FAR higher than anyone in the name of Atheism. If nothing else, they purify the human race from the arrogance of religion

    • Steven Calkum

      First, please define your terms so that we both know what you mean by ‘killing in the name of religion’. Second, please provide evidence to support your claim.

      • Ryan Welp

        By killing in the name of religion, I mean killing someone for a faith. Whether for a god you worship or in the name of a faith. I will state the crusades, saudi arabia, the Salem-Witch hunt, the protestant reformation, islamic terrorism, Buddhist extremism, and The British colonization (Partly religious)

      • Notice how arrogant Atheist cultists feel entitled to demand we provide them evidence on demand, and do not even ask politely. That’s because they are not honest inquirers; if you do the work of finding the references for them they will IMMEDIATELY dismiss the references. An honest inquirer seeks dialogue.

        Any honest atheist would acknowledge that mass murders by Atheist regimes are a serious thing, and they absolutely count to any rational person as religiously-motivated crimes. Atheists commit those, and always have. We can name countless examples, and anyone who’s honest can go look.

        But no one should jump to insta-find references for someone who’s already made it clear he’s made up his own mind and is just looking for every excuse he can possibly find to dismiss your observation.

        A real teller is their constant use of the word “claim.” No claim is actually made here, but he pretends there is one. That’s because Atheists–the capital A kind, the cultists–always want to use that word, so they can instantly put themselves in the seat of Judge and Jury, and pretend as if the world owes them something or their pronouncements have some weight because they demanded like imperious jerks that we “present” them with “evidence.”

        One should also note that they will almost always claim that whatever you present as evidence is Not Evidence.

        They will also, almost invariably, avoid backing up anything they say that you challenge them on. They prefer to avoid challenges, you see, because the atheist worldview is difficult to sustain, and the organized, professional, cultist capital-A Atheist propaganda is even more flimsy and falls apart at the slightest challenge.

    • Cassious Dio

      Sorry Ryan, state atheism killed more, and also killed in the name of religion; killed in the name of eradicating it.
      Vox Day has adequately cataloged total deaths of atheism vs all religion and atheism, or also, state atheism is a bloodbath.
      Just yesterday we have a porn addicted atheist killing in the name of eradicating religion.

      Stop masturbating, use the computer thingy to look up ideas of great men rather than contribute to the degradation of women and girls.

      • Ryan Welp

        Buddy, thats a bit much. Atheists kill and Religious people kill. It happens, and we both agree that it isn’t right, but saying im a porn addicted womanizer is just plain sad.

        • Cassious Dio

          The research is there, the numbers are there. If you chose to ignore the vast difference then you are intellectually dishonest.