A Christian Defense against Atheism

by SJ Thomason

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been active on social media. In that time, I’ve discovered that many atheists are active on social media as well and they often target me for my views on Christianity. I’ve learned much about many of their views, so this article offers some arguments to present my views in the context of theirs.Christ appearing before a man - Christian Defense Against Atheism

One discovery I’ve made is that many want “evidence” for my faith in Christianity. They don’t want to hear that many of the two billion Christians in the world have strong personal testimonies. This “anecdotal” evidence, even when considered collectively, is not enough. I told them that I could collect testimonies from a thousand people in my church to create an empirical study using subjective content analysis, which would analyze themes and patterns. They reply that they need physical evidence. Of course, they know that I can’t produce physical evidence of the metaphysical.

The Physical Sciences

Atheists often turn to science, yet not to all sciences…   Read more on Professor Thomason’s blog: https://sjthomason.wordpress.com/2016/12/22/a-christian-defense-against-atheism/

  • Stefan Bjarnason

    You criticize atheists for insisting on verifiable evidence before they’ll credit your position and complain that many anecdotal accounts are not enough for them. Considering that you’re teaching at a post-secondary level, your views are disturbing.

    • Escaping Atheism ن​

      Oh, she’s probably forgotten more verifiable evidence then you’ve encountered.

      Militant atheists demand proof and then reject any evidence that contradicts their predetermined beliefs. It gets old throwing pearls before swine. This site and many other others have what you’re looking for, if you ever gain the courage to look.

      • Stefan Bjarnason


        I’m out of the office this week and won’t be back until Monday, March 27. I’ll check my email every day and will get back to you as soon as I can. Your patience is appreciated.
        Best regards,

      • Thorum

        Reject evidence? What evidence?