A Christian Defense against Atheism

by SJ Thomason

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been active on social media. In that time, I’ve discovered that many atheists are active on social media as well and they often target me for my views on Christianity. I’ve learned much about many of their views, so this article offers some arguments to present my views in the context of theirs.Christ appearing before a man - Christian Defense Against Atheism

One discovery I’ve made is that many want “evidence” for my faith in Christianity. They don’t want to hear that many of the two billion Christians in the world have strong personal testimonies. This “anecdotal” evidence, even when considered collectively, is not enough. I told them that I could collect testimonies from a thousand people in my church to create an empirical study using subjective content analysis, which would analyze themes and patterns. They reply that they need physical evidence. Of course, they know that I can’t produce physical evidence of the metaphysical.

The Physical Sciences

Atheists often turn to science, yet not to all sciences…   Read more on Professor Thomason’s blog: https://sjthomason.wordpress.com/2016/12/22/a-christian-defense-against-atheism/

  • Stefan Bjarnason

    You criticize atheists for insisting on verifiable evidence before they’ll credit your position and complain that many anecdotal accounts are not enough for them. Considering that you’re teaching at a post-secondary level, your views are disturbing.

    • Escaping Atheism ن​

      Oh, she’s probably forgotten more verifiable evidence then you’ve encountered.

      Militant atheists demand proof and then reject any evidence that contradicts their predetermined beliefs. It gets old throwing pearls before swine. This site and many other others have what you’re looking for, if you ever gain the courage to look.

      • Stefan Bjarnason


        I’m out of the office this week and won’t be back until Monday, March 27. I’ll check my email every day and will get back to you as soon as I can. Your patience is appreciated.
        Best regards,

      • Thorum

        Reject evidence? What evidence?

        • Multiple articles on this site have evidence, so your question isn’t honest. Why are Atheists so dishonest when they ask questions?

      • John 321

        This site doesn’t offer evidence. The problem is there isn’t any useful evidence and any honest theist would acknowledge that.

        • Atheist lies and says we don’t offer evidence on this site. Why lie like that, Atheist?

          • John 321

            Its a statement of fact, not a lie

      • Donna Cook

        Hi! Being sarcastic, using ad hominem attacks and dramatic idioms is a very unhelpful way of communicating! :))

  • Donna Cook

    Hi! I like discussion! I have many points to raise about your blog post! Let us be polite and abide by the rules of common decency while avoiding vitriolic and fallacious discourse!
    – Evidence of Faith: erroneous if asked to be produced. 🙁 cannot produce intangibles. Could survey 1000 Christians about their anecdotal experiences, but it still falls into currently immeasurable technological territory. Impasse.
    – Use of Philosophy: Agree. Psychology and Theology – ambivalent about. Philosophy is a foundation of rationality and argument structure – it teaches *how* to think about *thinking* and is the basis of all other sciences.
    – Need for remaining open to the Supernatural: not required. If sufficient natural explanations are found without positing supernatural movers, reason demands *ALWAYS* remove supernatural movers.
    – Acceptance of Dark Matter, etc: as an Atheist, I do not accept theoretics without additional data. More data comes in, theories change, tighten, the model shifts, the consensus starts to grow. If others accept blindly, I can’t speak for them, but it is poor skepticism and bad practice science to do so.
    – Lanza: Your following theories require the reader to agree with Lanza’s premise, which I wholeheartedly DO NOT.
    * Law of the Universe fine tuned for life: this is like a child looking at his parents and thinking they were fine-tuned only for making him and failing to understand all of the random chance and near misses that went into their meeting and his own conception.
    * Space and Time w/Us: not sure how this ties in with his theory?
    * Consciousness quantum in nature: it would be nice. Numerous experiments and medical records show that memory, consciousness, awareness, learning, speech and behavior change with time, drugs, injury, and disease – that our consciousness is very temporarily and physically co-located with our brain tissue currently. With innovation and time, hopefully this will change.
    – OJ Simpson Example – Oversell.
    – GotGaps Reduction: agreed there is no evidence one way or other. Disagree on Intelligent Mover required. Question? If it was ID – why God and not Gods, Demon, Aliens, etc? e.g. Can you justify YHWH over any other Supernatural Prime Mover?

    – Teleological Argument: addressed above under Lanza. Egocentrism and a failure of seeing scope or understanding long-view cause and effect. We think it was all made for us because we are *here, now* contemplating it all from our current, very limited perspective.

    – The Uncaused Cause: it’s not that we (I?) don’t understand what this entails, it’s that in the structure of the argument, it derails the premise. 1)All things must have cause 2)the chain of causes is not infinite 3)God is the prime mover… buuut… he gets *Special Pleading* to violate rule 1.
    – OF NOTE: Your Journal Citation does not go to an article that talks about Uncaused Causes at all – PLEASE FIX.

    I’m going to stop here and do the rest in another post!
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Angel Rosales

    It’s all fun and games until you’re on your death bed.. I’ve known a atheist and what’s crazy is on his death bed not sure if it’s due to the fear of dying but he accepted god as his lord and savior hmm I don’t need facts there is clearly something far much greater than us it’s a bit humorous you can throw whatever books quotes etc at me but I don’t need em just like you do… it’s like the guy who’s girlfriend is cheating but yet does not want to believe the truth or TEXT at hand and wont believe it until they have hard evidence maybe pictures of them in action shit I don’t know lol some peeps just live in denial I guess but we do hold a right to our own opinion I’ll take my chances.. ya’ll want pictures of God but yet photography technically was not invented until the 1800’s I find it a bit comical how uncomfortable people get when A GOD is mentioned I’d rather raise my kids believing in something than to believe in nothing
    at all..