New Atheist Denial of History with Borden Painter, Part 1

Portrait of Borden Painter, Jr.Max Kolbe interviews Professor Borden Painter, Jr., a distinguished historian who has written The New Atheist Denial of History.  Professor Painter begins by offering up his background and interest in new atheists and their version of history. He had read Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Richard Dawkins and found their history wanting.

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Max and Professor Painter discuss the issues with their history in particular within the books. Professor Painter points out ideological driven history in his books and his anger over the particularly bad  history.  Discussion turns specific examples of substandard history from atheist books and groups.  Stalin in particular is topic that atheists have trouble issue.

Unfortunately, Professor Painter has not had an offer to debate new atheists, although has responded in writing to Richard Carrier. Max discusses and praises The New Atheist Denial of History and it’s academic framework.

Professor Painter details the issues with the approach of the new atheist history. Max reads several strong quotes regarding new atheist history. Max then outlines the structure of The New Atheist Denial of History and asks Professor Painter for a few details from each section.

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  • Beulah

    Wow. That’s one of the most poorly written posts I’ve ever read on any website.

    • Escaping Atheism ن​

      If you had actually read it, your opinion might have more weight. We know that militant atheists will post on articles they clearly have never read.

      This is one is no exception, as it it’s merely a summary of an excellent video. Please watch all – Borden Painter, Jr is worth time.

      • Beulah

        I did read it. That’s why I can say, accurately, that it’s poorly written.

        Why didn’t God give you the ability to write clearly?

        • Escaping Atheism ن​

          Fine, then you didn’t comprehend that it’s a summary of an excellent video. It is not an article, nor a word for word transcript. It’s intend to interest people in listening. Sorry that your judgement of such things is so off.

          • Beulah

            Keep on covering your tracks, Chachi. You’re at your (medicocre) best when you’re on the defensive.

            Weak, weak sauce. Why doesn’t your god give you better ammo? And grammar?!

          • Escaping Atheism ن​

            LOL! So you won’t be doing any real reading huh? Just snarky, empty headed Internet comments.

          • Beulah


            You have nothing, do you? Very sad.

      • Beulah

        Painter’s “argument,” such as it is, is that a bunch of non-historians have not written history books.

        Why this surprises him I do not know.

        Meanwhile, I’m available to be interviewed about why Painter is such a poor practitioner of the Italian sonnet in his published works. Will you have me on to discuss this pressing matter?

        • Escaping Atheism ن​

          “Painter’s “argument,” such as it is, is that a bunch of non-historians have not written history books.”

          *And* they use that to make historical arguments that mis-represent history in favor of their atheist ideology, the way that Holocaust deniers do.

          What you stated mis-represents his arguments the way new atheists mis-represent history.

          Borden Painter, Jr is a respected historian with an impressive CV who has written a book refuting the cartoon history that most atheists have in their heads.

          I would suggest reading it. We did, which is the reason we interviewed him in the first place.

          • Beulah

            Yawn. You bore me. I don’t blame you, thought–it’s your parents’ fault for inbreeding.

          • Escaping Atheism ن​

            In other words, you will not be reading anything that will improve your mind, because it might remove your impression that your poo doesn’t stink.

            We are not a place for atheists to insult people. 1st ban warning of 2, if I feel like it.

          • Beulah

            I read things that improve my mind all the time. It’s not my fault that I’ve looked at your material and found it sadly wanting.

            And of course you’ll ban me–people of your stripe always do so as a badge of honor despite the obvious fact that you’re a coward.

          • Escaping Atheism ن​

            As gracious hostess, it’s clear that I’ll need to comply with both of our wishes. Besides this site “bores” you so badly you can’t even come up with really good insults. So no loss on either side. 🙂