Could the universe be anything besides comprehensible?

Could the universe be anything besides comprehensible?

To be comprehensible means to be understandable.
The mind grasps what is comprehended.
If the universe can’t be grasped by our mind, that means what we think we know about the universe isn’t how things are.
All our ideas of how the world work just ain’t so.

Without Providence, there is no reason to think that our beliefs reflect reality.
They could simply model risk properly such that we survive and reproduce.
If that’s the case, the universe isn’t comprehensible.

So it seems clear to me that the universe, in theory, could be incomprehensible.
Is Providence the only thing that can ground comprehensibility?

Meaning Comes From Mind

To be comprehensible is to have meaning that can be grasped by a mind.
As such, meaning has something that grounds its existence.
Let’s define this that grounds meaning as “mind”.
Then there are two options for any meaning in the universe: It comes from human minds, or it comes from other mind.
If it comes from human mind, then we’re not seeing meaning in the universe, but rather playing a game like exquisite corpses, imparting an interpretation of randomness and being fooled by it.

So, if there is meaning to be found in the universe, rather than imbued by our own over-active imaginations, that means that there is an Author, a Creator, which writes that meaning into the universe.