Max + John C. Wright: Questions every young man must answer

Two ex-Atheists talk about leaving the Fold. See John C. Wright’s blog at

The basics of Gnosticism:

James Bishop & Max The Science & Psychology of Atheism

Two ex-atheists, one philosopher and one not, talk about the weirdness that is “Skepticism” and “Rationalism” and “Modern Atheism.” Support John C. Wright and his family by visiting his blog here:

Max + Escaping Biased Christians & attempted trap

Claiming he wanted a friendly conversation, an Atheist called “Escaping Biased Christians” (he claims now to be a Secular Buddhist) tried to get us suspended again. We had to re-upload the stream to get rid of porn he was flashing, which he showed and then had friends Report us for. When we say not to trust Atheists, we have reasons don’t we?