Borden Painter on Atheist Scholarly Frauds, Part 3

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Max and Paulogia contributor Shannon Q.

Shannon Q. is an atheist who says she wants to understand the hostility and where it’s coming from in Red Pill Religion circles. While Atheists often perceive blunt indifference to their feelings for aggression, it’s true that we have absolute hostility for much of the online Atheist/Skeptic/Rationalist community, and we’ll talk frankly with her about why.

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Borden Painter pt 2 Frauds Steven Pinker Michael Shermer & others

Sam Harris, Michael Shermer, Stephen Pinker, Richard Dawkins, and others are singled out by Distinguished Professor of History Borden W. Painter Jr., former President of Trinity College, as maliciously distributing hate propaganda using historical methods directly comparable to historical revisionists who outright deny the Holocaust.

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Sargon of Akkad and his Phony Christian Crew

By Ghost of Buckley

Sargon of Akkad is someone I’ve been a longtime subscriber of. He makes excellent content every now and again, and he is mostly consistent in how he presents his information. The main problem, of course, is his hatred of religion.

Although Sargon will give lip service to Christian groups that he deems rational (meaning those that agree with his political opinions), he is a man who sneers at religious people. Nowadays, he mostly looks down upon Muslims, who are a popular target of scorn among the right-wingers he hangs out with. While he cloaks this bigotry as concern for Jihadism and encroaching Islamism, in reality, Sargon despises Christianity almost as much. He has said more than once that fundamentalist evangelical preachers are as dangerous as ISIS and that it lauds the destruction of the Anglican Church at the hands of those he might otherwise oppose politically, the social justice warriors. And the less is said about his opinions about Catholicism, the better. Sargon also has shown derogatory attitudes towards traditional African religions and Hinduism in some of his videos.

Sargon’s opinion of religion is not intellectual in nature, but emotional. He is disgusted by the mere mention of God, recoiling like a vampire. The most extreme example of this was in his live reaction to Donald Trump’s inauguration earlier this year. In that livestream, he reacted in an extremely negative way to mere prayer. Let me repeat: he was triggered by mere prayer. This is a common atheist trope, and Sargon exemplified it wholeheartedly.

Now to the main topic of this video: the fake Christians that he hangs out with. It’s no surprise that someone as nasty towards religion as him would have some equally vile friends, one of whom I had the displeasure of meeting. Sargon’s groupies are mainly mooching off their pals’ fame. None of them are particularly insightful or interesting, and they will parrot each others’ opinions like monkeys whenever. Some are a bit more left-wing, some are a bit more right-wing, but they are all equally slimy. The best example of this was Bantu Rhino. I had the “pleasure” of being in a livestream with Bantu one afternoon. Believing it to be the perfect opportunity, I gave a challenge to Sargon, but Bantu Rhino took up the offer. The offer was this: Bantu would argue the theist position and I the atheist position. I consulted my friend, Max Kolbe, on this, and Max was excited to take my place. Little did we know how vile Bantu could be.

The terms of the debate were simple: Bantu would either pick one of five of Edward Feser’s arguments from “Five Proofs of God” and argue for it, or use the research from Dr. Jeffrey Long’s research on Near Death Experiences to argue for the supernatural. We, in turn, would agree to not strawmanning the argument and not bringing up irrelevant points. However, Bantu said that he wanted to include his own arguments. He claims that he studied philosophy of religion, and had created his own argument for God based on the fact that the Universe had God’s divine properties. We refused: use the arguments we presented or don’t play ball. We did not want him gish-galloping or rambling about incoherent nonsense. Plus, to our summation, the argument was terrible. Bantu’s response? To threaten to knock out my teeth. The resulting back and forth ended with everyone just calling off the whole deal. Apparently, when atheists have their integrity or credentials challenged, they see fit to threaten people with violence.

The lesson from this experience is this: if you meet some atheist that you don’t know that claims to have some background in science or philosophy or religion or whatever, be skeptical of him. Atheists have no problem lying about their credentials to make themselves seem more credible because they have no honor.

Letter from Benjamin Franklin to Sargon of Akkad

Proudly ignorant Sargon loves Thomas Paine because Thomas Paine is as pig ignorant and stupid as he is. Benjamin Franklin gave the best answer to this fool when he wrote to tell Thomas Paine what he thought of “The Age of Reason.”

Proudly ignorant Sargon’s worshipful adulation of his hero:

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Max & John C. Wright: Violence inherent to Atheism

Is the Atheist worldview inherently violent? We suspect so. How are we wrong, do you think?

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