Gamediviner: Jordan Peterson, the Honey Badgers, and #GamerGate

Jordan Peterson was recently “corrected” by Ailson Tieman of the Honeybadger Brigade–but using fake history, fake science, and a phony Victim Narrative. We hope she can find her way out of this madness she’s created, and that other young men aren’t sucked in by this mad “Gynocentrism” Narrative.

Alison Tieman’s original video to Jordan Peterson. Note that it is filled with Fake History, Fake Science, a Threat Narrative against religious men, and while it talks about men building bridges, all Alison Tieman actually does is set herself up as a wall between younger men and older men with wisdom and knowledge. Men BUILD ON THE WISDOM OF OLDER MEN, Honeybadger Brigade. You cannot rewrite the world anew. Start talking TO older men, religious or not. And stop just talking about them, and making up cartoons of them.

Professor Peterson Fan Response, where the faux MRA Alison Tieman encourages you to do nothing to fix your own situation in life, but wait for women and older men to do it for you.…

Schultz of Schultz Brigade comments on Gamergate and Honeybadger “Men’s Rights” Advocates:

Reconstructing Alison Tieman’s Honeybadger Postmodernist Tripe

Red Pill Religion #1, where we discuss fake Honeybadger Men’s Rights, and other issues. Note you have a young atheist man there as well as religious men of different religions:

End the Honeybadger Brigade charade please. This woman doesn’t represent anyone but herself. She stole the entire Honeybadger Brigade, edging out anyone, including countless men older and younger than her, who would not accept her Postmodernist ideology or her Cultural Marxist/Dialectical Materialist beliefs. The real red pill is that atheism isn’t particularly rational or incoherent, Honeybadgers do not deal honestly in history or science or theology or anything else, and your best wisdom will be gained from listening to older men, not strange women who feed your victim complex for cash.

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