Max and Romanian Mike Knight

Mike Knight is a young Romanian and is Catholic. Check out his YouTube channel at…

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Max & Dr. Steve Turley: The Emerging Post-Secularist Order

The real red pill is that Atheism is just one lie after another. Join us as we talk about the (no really) slow death of Globalism and the emergence of Nationalism, as well as the differences between Ethnic and Civic Nationalism.

Red Pill Religion #1: Men’s issues & Feminism from a Non-Atheist Perspective

Join Max & Friends as we discuss Feminism, Men’s Rights, and men’s issues generally, as we stand in circa 2017, for those of us who DO NOT want to be Atheist with so many other “MRAs” or “MHRAs.”

Jordon Peterson – Bashing Christianity doesn’t make you smart

Jordon Peterson discusses why it’s easy to bash Christianity and why it doesn’t make you smart. Lively discussion of preserving not well explained heritage is important, the possible escaping the responsibilities that Christian lays on people, the meaning of sacrifice ancient and modern. He segues into the idea that idea of personal sacrifice to a benevolent God is a frightening concept. He finishes by saying the bashing of Christianity at the level of universities is a terrible thing. The level of cynicism is completely anti-humanity. ┬áSegement is about 10 minutes long and video starts at close to the beginning.