Richard Carrier is a Proven Fraud, With Fraud Fans

Richard Carrier was proven a fraud — a genuine faker and liar — on a recent test stream by Max Kolbe and Professor Stephanie Thomason. His fans (and likely sock puppets), did everything possible to change the subject. Hilarity ensued.

Stephanie Thomason exposes fraud Richard Carrier: https://christianapologistweb.wordpre…

Our conversation with Professor Thomason:…

Thomason on Twitter:

Professor SJ Thomason on Richard Carrier’s Honesty Problem

“Historian” Richard Carrier is not respected by most of his fellow historians, and there’s a reason. As Professor Thomason notes, the man simply isn’t honest to the historical record, and has a huge credibility problem with anyone who isn’t already an ideologically committed Atheist and anti-Christian.

Professor SJ Thomason’s original article: https://christianapologistweb.wordpre…
Pseudohistorian Richard Carrier’s easily debunked “expert analysis”:…
Professor Thomason’s response to Carrier’s nonsense and provable lies here: https://christianapologistweb.wordpre…
Escaping Atheism’s pages on historian Borden Painter:…

About Professor Borden Painter, Jr

Portrait of Borden Painter, Jr.We’ve been granted permission to publish Professor Borden Painter, Jr’s Curriculum Vitae (CV). For those unfamiliar with CVs, they’re equivalent to academic resumes. As can be seen below, Professor Painter has had an outstanding career.

Please consider buying and reading his book the New Atheist Denial of History.  The cover is awful & the author himself is not pleased with the price (set by the publisher), but it’s well worth the time and cost.

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New Atheist Denial of History with Borden Painter, Part 1

Portrait of Borden Painter, Jr.Max Kolbe interviews Professor Borden Painter, Jr., a distinguished historian who has written The New Atheist Denial of History.  Professor Painter begins by offering up his background and interest in new atheists and their version of history. He had read Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Richard Dawkins and found their history wanting.

Watch Part 2

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Professor Stephanie SJ Thomason’s Atheist Encounters

Join Max Kolbe and Professor Stephanie SJ Thomason for a discussion on atheism. Topics include Professor Thomason and essays to leading online atheists, including concepts of Hell in Christianity, traditional role of theism in Buddhism, Jesus myths, .

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